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Computer Repairs

Computer Hardware repairs include but are not limited to:

  • Memory

  • Motherboards

  • CPU's

  • Hard Drives

  • Video Cards

  • DVD Burners

  • Modems

  • Floppy Drives

  • Power Supplies

  • Network Cards

  • Network Hubs

  • Printers

  • Scanners

  • Web Cameras

  • Digital Cameras

  • USB Ports

  • USB Hubs

  • Routers, Switches, Repeaters

Before you do this:

Call here:  603-553-0981

Computer Software repairs include but are not limited to;

Troubleshooting • Configuring & Installing

  • Operating systems (All Version of Windows and Apple OS)

  • Internet access

  • E-mail clients: Outlook, Outlook Express, Mac Mail and Entourage

  • Removing unwanted applications, application issues such as crashes etc.

  • System optimization, defragmentation, cleaning up temp files etc.

  • Configuring PC for "Safe Computing" (setting system settings to reduce virus vulnerability)

  • Software installs

Computer Repair Questions:

If you have any questions about what type of problems your computer or network is having and what type of repairs might be needed, please call.  It is difficult to do over the phone diagnostics however, we may be able to get a good idea of what the problem might be: 

@ Home Computer Services: 603-553-0981

Hardware repairs

While computer hardware configuration varies widely, a repair technician will work with five general categories of hardware; desktop computers, laptops, servers, computer clusters and smartphones / mobile computing. Technicians also work with and occasionally repair a range of peripherals, including input devices (like keyboards, mice, and scanners), output devices (like displays, printers, and speakers), and data storage devices such as internal and external hard drives and disk arrays. Technicians involved in system administration might also work with networking hardware, including routers, switches, fiber optics, and wireless networks.


Software repairs

When possible, repair technicians protect the computer user's data and settings, so that, after repair, the user will not have lost any data and can fully use the device with little interruption. Addressing the issue, the technician could take action as minor as adjusting one or several settings or preferences, but could also apply more involved techniques like installing, uninstalling, or reinstalling various software packages.

A reliable, but somewhat more complicated procedure for addressing software issues is known as a restore (also referred to as imaging, and/or re-imaging), in which the computer's original installation image (including operating system and original applications) is reapplied to a formatted hard drive. Anything unique, such as settings, or personal files will be destroyed if not backed up on external media, as this reverts everything back to its original unused state. The computer technician can only reimage if there is an image of the hard drive for that computer either in a separate partition or stored elsewhere.

On a Microsoft Windows system, if there is a restore point that was saved (normally saved on the hard drive of the computer) then the Windows Registry can be restored to that point, sometimes solving problems that have arisen after the time the restore point was created.

Above descriptions an excerpt from Wikipedia